The Integration of Social Media Technologies for Teaching and Learning in Kenyan Schools
By Yonah Etene1, Samuel Barasa2

A Survey of Transition Mechanisms and Models for Transiting from IPv4 to IPv6 Networks
By Samuel W. Barasa1, Samuel M. Mbugua2, Simon M. Karume3

Implementation and Performance Evaluation of 6to4 Manual Tunneling and Dual Stack IPv4/IPv6 Network Simulation Model for GNS3 and JPerf
By Samuel Barasa1, Vincent Motochi2

Exploring emerging technologies and their impact to information management and organization growth
By Samuel Barasa, Joseph Kimia, Vincent Motochi

Map of the Various Configuration Attributes from IPv4 to IPv6 Networks for Dual Stack, 6to4 Tunnelling and NAT: Modelling Designs in OPNET
By Samuel W. Barasa; Samuel M. Mbugua; Simon M. Karume;

User’s Competencies towards Usability of Virtual Market Applications
By Khaoya D. Muyobo, Anselemo P. Ikoha, Leonard Wakoli

Hotel website evaluation model in the context of Web 3.0 Paradigm-ENTER2018
bY Patrick Owoche

Modelling Hotel Websites into Web 3.0
By Patrick Oduor Owoche

Hotel Website Evaluation Model in the Context of Web 3.0 Paradigm
By Patrick Owoche, Anselemo Ikoha, Samuel Mbugua

Evaluating Total Cost of Ownership for University Enterprise Resource Planning: Case of Maseno University
By Patrick Oduor Owoche1 , Prof. Wanyembi Gregory2 , Mr. Kilwake Humphrey Juma3

A Multi-Agent System to Support ICT based Distance Learning through Modeling of Learner Needs: The Case of Bachelor of Education at the University of Nairobi
By Yonah Etene1, Patrick Owoche2, Dr.Robert Oboko3

E-learning Transforming Economies
By Barasa Wawire Peter, Owoche Patrick and Nambiro Alice Wechuli,

Multi-Agent Based M-Voting System
By Barasa Peter Wawire, Nambiro Alice Wechuli, Savatia Edward

Multi-agent Based Surveillance System for Diseases
By Barasa Wawire Peter and Nambiro Alice Wechuli,

A Review of Mobile Social Software Awareness and Utilization
By Masese .Nelson , Samwuel Mbugua, Geoffrey Muchiri Muketha

Factors Affecting Requirements Elicitation for Heterogeneous Users of Information Systems
By Lilian Cherotich Ronoh, Geoffrey Muketha Muchiri, Franklin Wabwoba

Influence of Social Technical Factors on ICT Readiness for Primary Schools in Bungoma County, Kenya
By Isaac Barasa Batoya, Franklin Wabwoba and Juma Kilwake

Security and Usability Enhancing E-Service Marginalization for Digital Vulnerable Groups
By Muchiri Michael Njoki, Franklin Wabwoba, Elyjoy Muthoni Micheni

Assessing Quality of Open Source Software Based on Community Metrics
By Malanga Kennedy Ndenga, Mehat Jean, Ivaylo Ganchev and Wabwoba Franklin

The Role of ICT in Social Inclusion: A Review of Literature
By Muchiri Njoki, Franklin Wabwoba

ICT Definition Implication on ICT Career Choice and Exclusion among Women
By Muchiri Michael Njoki, Franklin Wabwoba, Elyjoy Muthoni Micheni

Performance expectancy as a determinant for cloud computing acceptance in Kenyan Public Universities
By Harriet Loice Tsinale, Franklin Wabwoba, Anselemo P Ikoha and Tobias Okumu Otibine

Emerging Security Challenges for Information Systems in Mobile Computing Environment in Universities
By Daniel Otanga and Frankin Wabwoba

Approaches in Information System Security in Universities in Mobile Computing Environment
By Daniel Otanga and Frankin Wabwoba

Trends in Green Computing Paradigms towards Environment, Eco Friendly Technology and Future Sustainable Kenya
By Samuel Barasa, Peter Barasa, Vincent Motochi and Franklin Wabwoba

Global Information Technology Infrastructure in Addressing the Borderless Problem of Overpopulation
By Samuel Barasa, Peter Barasa, Vincent Motochi, Franklin Wabwoba

The Role Of Virtualization Towards Green Computing And Environmental Sustainability
By Vincent Motochi, Samuel Barasa, Patrick Owoche, Franklin Wabwoba

Cyber Security Challenges to Mobile Banking in SACCOs in Kenya
By Nambiro Alice Wechulia*, Wabwoba Franklinb, Wasike Jothamc

User Perceived Secure Mobile Banking Service Provision Framework
By Nambiro Alice Wechuli, Wabwoba Franklin and Wasike Jotham

Mobile communications and Telecommuting: Are they a necessary evil for Business Community in Kenya?
By Alice Nambiro Wechuli, Franklin Wabwoba, and Peter Wawire Barasa

Influence Of Social Personalization On Performance In Group Learning
By Betty Mayeku ; Franklin Wabwoba ; Dieter Hogrefe

The User’s Skills, Capacity On Security For Mobile Computing In Universities
By Daniel Otanga, Frankin Wabwoba and Leonard Wamocho Samita

Innovative Features Driving Mobile Phone Usage By Students In Kenya
By Richard K. Ronoh, Samuel Mbugua and Franklin Wabwoba

Discoverability a New Learnability Principle for Children’s Application Software
By Bethuel Kipchirchir Okelo and Samuel Mungai Mbuguah

Application Lifecycle Management Activities for Quality Assurance in Software Development
By Tobias Okumu Otibine, Samuel Mbuguah, Juma Kilwake and Harriet Loice Tsinale

Factors That Influence the Choice of Virtualized Environments in Small Medium Enterprises
By Vincent Motochi, Dr. Samuel Mbugua, Dr. Shem AngoloMbandu

Security Issues In Virtualized Environments for Small and Medium Enterprises
by Vincent Motochi, Dr. Samuel Mbugua, Dr. Shem AngoloMbandu

Information Security Risks Posed by the Bluetooth Security Weaknesses to the Bluetooth-Enabled Phones
by Chrispus Kimingichi Wanjala, Dr. Samuel Mbuguah, Juma Kilwake

Factors Affecting Information Systems user Satisfaction in Kenyan Universities
by Perez Nelima, Dr. Samuel Mbuguah, Juma Kilwake

Evaluation of the Learnability Principles of Mobile-Wireless Information Systems’ Application Software for Children in Kenya
By Samuel Mungai Mbuguah

Integrated multi-agent based learning system as a strategy to promote access to higher education in Africa
By Peter Barasa

Computer Basics and Application at Your Finger Tips
by Dr. Samuel Mbuguah

Attackability Metrics Model For Secure Service Oriented Architecture
by Dr. Samuel Mbuguah

A Conceptual Model For a Holistic Predictive Attack Ability Metric For Secure Service Oriented Architecture Software
by Dr. Samuel Mbuguah

Trends in Adoption of Open Source Software in Africa
by Dr. Samuel Mbuguah

Social Attackability Metrics for Software Systems
by Dr. Samuel Mbuguah

Intervention Measures Towards Successful Implementation of software Projects in Public universities in kenya
by Dr. Samuel Mbuguah

Integrating Virtual Words and Virtual Learning Environments in Schools in Developing Economies
by Dr. Samuel Mbuguah

Experimental Validation of the Technical Attack ability metrics model
by Dr. Samuel Mbuguah

Effect of Real Time Gross Settlement on Financial Performance of Public Universities in Kenya
by Dr. Samuel Mbuguah

Determination of Information Systems services Quality Attributes in Banking Industry
by Dr. Samuel Mbuguah

A Review of Algorithms for Determination of Attackability Metrics
by Samuel Mungai Mbuguah, Geoffrey Muchiri Muketha, Franklin Wabwoba

Technical Factors And User Personality Characteristics As Indicators Of Smart Phone Integration Into Self-Directed Learning In Universities
by Dr. Anselmo Peters

Barriers to Implementation of Green ICT in Kenya
By Dr. Wabwoba Franklin

Environmental Implications of Cell Phones Penetration and Disposal in Kenya
By Dr. Wabwoba Franklin

Classifying Program Visualization Tools to Facilitate Informed Choices
By Dr. Wabwoba Franklin

Evaluating the Role of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Support towards Processes of Management in Institutions of Higher Learning
By Dr. Wabwoba Franklin

ICT Personnel Maturity towards Green ICT in Kenya
by Franklin Wabwoba, Samuel Mbugua, Anselemo Peters Ikoha, Dorcus Arshley Shisoka

Green ICT Readiness Model for Developing Economies: Case of Kenya
By Dr. Wabwoba Franklin

Strategic Deployment and Employment of ICT Resources in Public Institutions
By Dr. Wabwoba Franklin

Information Technology Research in Developing Nations: Major Research Methods and Publication Outlets
By Franklin Wabwoba, Anselimo Peters Ikoha

Information Security Policy Trend as a Foundation to Protecting Information Resources
By Abila James, Mutua Stephen, Wabwoba Franklin and Anselmo Peters

Teaching Computer Programming in the 21st Century
By Dr. Wabwoba Franklin

Students Selection for University Course Admission at the Joint Admissions Board (Kenya) Using Trained Neural Networks
By Dr. Wabwoba Franklin

The Role of Wireless Technologies in taking Education to Rural Villages in Developing Countries
By Dr. Wabwoba Franklin

Using Program Visualization to Improve ICT skills towards achieving
By Mutua M. Stephen, Wabwoba Franklin, Ogao J. Patrick, Abenga Elizabeth, Juma Kilwake

Virtual Reality in Education: Trends and Issues
By Kelvin K. Omieno, Franklin Wabwoba, Nahason Matoke

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