Hotel Website Evaluation Model in the Context of Web 3.0 Paradigm

Patrick Owoche, Anselemo Ikoha, Samuel Mbugua

Kibabii University

e-Proceedings IFITT Doctoral Summer School 2017

15-16 May 2017 Salzburg University of Applied Sciences


Tourism is a vital sector whose development provides growth opportunities and social benefits for all countries. Realization of its benefits requires careful design and implementation of environmentally, socially, and economically grounded integrated policy frameworks as its development is a complex affair. Web 3.0 offers a new level of connectivity, communications, and information on customers, including their attitudes and preferences which can be used to enhance online marketing of hotels through their websites. However, studies show that the level of uptake of current web technologies in Tourism and Hospitality websites nearly fail completely to take advantage of such technologies. They either don’t use them at all or use them minimally and mostly inappropriately. This research seeks develop a hotel website evaluation model in the Web 3.0 era. Mixed research design that will combine content analysis, focus group interviews and fuzzy analytic hierarchy process will be used to collect both qualitative and quantitative data. Online tools will be used to collect and analyse data from hotel websites.

 Keywords: Hotel Website; Web 3.0; Semantic Web; Website Evaluation.

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Download Abstract: Hotel Website Evaluation Model in the Context of Web 3.0 Paradigm

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