Factors Affecting Requirements Elicitation for Heterogeneous Users of Information Systems

Lilian Cherotich Ronoh, Geoffrey Muketha Muchiri, Franklin Wabwoba

@International Journal of Computer Science Engineering and Technology (IJCSET) 5(3):35-39 ISSN 2231-0711


Modern organizations keep up with the fast changing technology through successful information systems development and integration to automate their business operations. Among others, this can be achieved through effective requirements elicitation which a sub-phase of requirements engineering. It is recognized as one of the most critical, knowledge-intensive phase therefore determining the overall success or failure of the information system. In a setup whereby users are heterogeneous by nature, requirements elicitation becomes quite challenging. To improve the effectiveness of the requirements elicitation process from this type of users, the analysts should determine the factors that affect this process which are unique to this type of users. To address this issue, we have conducted research in two Kenyan public universities whereby information systems users are heterogeneous in nature. The objective of the study was to determine the factors that affect requirements elicitation process among heterogeneous user groups of information systems. Nine factors were identified by using multiple regression analysis  namely, users’ availability, users’ and analysts’ diverse cultural background, users’ geographical distribution, communication issues, users’ awareness and training on the process, technique used, institutional politics and bureaucracy, requirements elicitation policy and user’s cooperation & motivation. These factors form a practical guide that can help analysts to consider before carrying out requirements elicitation from heterogeneous users.

Keywords: Requirements elicitation, requirements elicitation models, requirements engineering, software development, heterogeneous users

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