Green ICT Readiness Model for Developing Economies: Case of Kenya

Franklin Wabwoba, Gregory W. Wanyembi, Stanley Omuterema,  Kelvin Kebati Omieno

@International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications(IJACSA)

Volume 4 Issue 1, 2013


There has been growing concerns about the rising costs of doing business and environmental degradation world over. Green ICT has been proposed to provide solutions to the two issues yet it is not being implemented fully in developing economies like Kenya. For its implementation, it is critical to establish the level of green ICT readiness of organisations to inform where to start and where to put more emphasis. Over the past few years this has been done using Molla’s G-readiness model. However this model assumes the basic level of G-readiness to be same for both developed and developing economies to be the same with regard to ICT personnel preparedness. Based on green ICT readiness in Kenya, the relationship between ICT personnel’s gender, age and training with the G-readiness variables as proposed in Molla’s G-readiness model was investigated. The study surveyed ICT personnel in four cases using a questionnaire on a seven scale likert scale. It established that there exists a significant relationship between the ICT personnel related variables and the G-readiness variables. Based on the findings on the relationship, the study extended Molla’s G-readiness model to include a sixth dimension of personnel readiness

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