Sarah Wanja Njoroge,  Samuel Mungai Mbuguah , Geoffrey Muchiri Muketha


Business especially in the banking sector has become reliant on outsourced IS service providers for a wide range of services. The quality of service rendered by the latter is an important issue which impacts on IS effectiveness. SERVQUAL has been used to measure quality of service in other industry, but there is limited research on its applicability in banking industry. This paper investigates the applicability of a service quality measurement instrument, based on SERVQUAL in a bank context, Specifically, this instrument measured the service quality expectations that banks have on their IS service providers. The research used a multi case study that was carried in Kenya commercial bank and Barclays bank of Kenya. Questionnaires were distributed to IS users and Data analysis was done using Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA) and Confirmatory factor analysis. The results indicate that only 16 items were retained from the original 22 SERVQUAL items. The retained items were regrouped and given new five labels to be used this research context. The following section presents the study into details.

Key words: Service quality, Information Systems, Satisfaction, SERVQUAL

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