User’s Competencies towards Usability of Virtual Market Applications

Khaoya D. Muyobo, Anselemo P. Ikoha, Leonard Wakoli
Department of Information Technology, Kibabii University, Kenya

@International Journal of Information and Communication Technology Research Volume 7 No. 1, January 2017


Virtual product and process development is viewed as one of the most promising business strategies, which can address global competition. The designs and usability aspects need to be considered in order to facilitate a unified virtual market platform. The study adopted experimental research design, involving both descriptive and inferential data. It also employed cross-sectional survey design targeting designers, consumers and virtual market applications. During data collection 200 questionnaires were administered out of which 125 were completed and return for analysis. The result indicates that majority of the respondents prefer the OLX platform when buying and selling items via the virtual market which is represented by 80.4%, though many applications are designed to make virtual market platform a reality, most respondents seem to have interacted with the Virtual Market applications for a period between 1 and 2 one year which was represented by 34.6%. Security and demand for an integrated payment system recorded the highest number of complaints which was at 30.3% and the potentiality of a user using application without written instructions scored higher than any attributes with mean of 7.85 design factors such as payment modes, security and ontology mapping factors are not well addressing the need of the market. Therefore addressing usability factors provides a trend to a dynamic and user centered application.

 Keywords: user competence, usability, virtual market, user centered application

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