THESIS TITLE:  Green Information Technology Framework in a Virtualized Environment in Public Universities in Kenya


Student Name:  Dennis Karugu Gichuki



  1. Alice W. Nambiro
  2. Franklin Wabwoba



The activities of public universities in Kenya today are heavily dependent on software and hence, the systems hosting them. This has resulted in an increased hardware acquisition which has led to increased implementation and maintenance costs as well as increased technical difficulties. This threatens the very sustainability of IT implementation in public universities. The purpose of this study was to formulate a system virtualization framework for green IT deployment in public universities in Kenya. The study sought to evaluate how virtualization technologies impact green IT deployment, analyze system virtualization performance and ultimately develop a virtualization framework for enhancing green IT deployment in public universities in Kenya. The study used mixed method research design. A survey and quasi experiment was conducted in four public universities and one University College. Probabilistic sampling technique was used to arrive at a sample size of 88 respondents from four public universities out of 31 and one public university college out of five in Kenya. Questionnaires, observation guide and experiment guide were the data collection tools used. The instruments validity was tested using content and face validity while test-retest was used to test the reliability after carrying out a pilot study at Kaimosi University College. The data collected was analyzed using descriptive statistics and inferential statistics specifically, Pearson’s moment product correlation and multiple regression analysis. The findings showed that system virtualization encourages hardware reduction, improved software reuse and improved security through the use of system virtualization. These findings imply that system virtualization reduces IT deployment costs as well as reduce amount of hardware components to be disposed. Challenges related to green ICT implementation in universities and university colleges including uncertainty in return on investment, limited financial support and limited collaboration. The study recommends that public universities and university colleges in Kenya should focus on a green IT framework in deploying ICT systems to ensure sustainability of the same.

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