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Binary Codes from AutL3(4)
Lucy Chikamai
On Joint Essential Spectrum of Aluthge Transform
Cyprian Omukhwaya Sakwa
Quantum Thermodynamics of a Strongly Interacting Bose-Fermi Mixture in a Three- Dimensional Anharmonic Potential
Oliver Wanyama Mumali
Disorder as a Source of Pseudogap in Cuprate High Temperature Superconductors
Jared Oloo Odhiambo
Characterization of Hilbert Space Operators and Their Applications
N. B. Okelo
Estimation of Multiple Traits in a Production Process
John L. Sirengo
Global Controllability of a Quasi-Linear Heat Equation with Boundary Conditions
Mulambula Andanje
Nonparametric Estimation of Non-Smooth Functional
Moses Kololi Mukhwana
On Completely Bounded Maps
J. N. Owino
On Joint Essential Maximal Numerical Range of Aluthge
Cyprian Omukhwaya Sakwa
On Joint Essential Numerical Range of Aluthge Transform
Cyprian Omukhwaya Sakwa
Statistical Analysis of School Factors as Correlates to Secondary Students’ Achievement in Mathematics in Bungoma County, Kenya
John L. Sirengo
Synopsis on Lifestyle Diseases in Kenya
James Kisaka Waswa
Drug Resistance Patterns of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Complex and Associated Factors among Retreatment Cases at Jimma University Specialized Hospital, South West Ethiopia
Kedir-Abdella et al
Quality of Life of Breast Cancer Patients Receiving Chemotherapy in Delta State University Teaching Hospital, Oghara
Afeyodion Akhator, Martins Odes Akpomiemie
Clinicopathological Features, Treatment, and Outcome of Pregnancy-Associated Breast Cancer in Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital, Zaria, Northwestern Nigeria
Abur PP, Odigie VI, Yusufu LMD, Dawotola DA
Importance of Exploration of Microbial Biodiversity
Siamba et al

Lifestyle Diseases and Management: Mathematical Models

Boniface O. Kwach
Phytochemical Screening aad Antimicrobial Activity of Microglossa Pyrifolia Lam Kuntze Plant Extracts on Escherichia coli, Candida albicans and Staphylococcus aureus
Okello S.V., Kathambi V., and Sikuku P.A
Norms of Elementary Operators
Beatrice Adhiambo Odero
Evaluating the Performance of Selected Commercial Bio-Fertilizers on Soybean Production in Bungoma, Kenya
Collins .O.Majengo; J. R.Okalebo; W. Ng’etich ; S.Mutua ; E. Mutegi. And M.W Mburu
The Healthy Beans Project: Participatory Research in Western Kenya
Janice Thies, Dries Roobroeck, Samuel Were, Luiza Munyua, James Agwa, Jean Bonhotal, Bethany Boyer-Rechlin
Reconsideration of forests tree species composition to incorporate indigenous fruit/food trees species
A.K Walingo and L. Chikamai
Projected Rainfall and Temperature Changes Over Bungoma County in Western Kenya by the Year 2050 Based on PRECIS Modeling System
Juma Shem G, Kwach Boniface., Omukoba Mulati., Festus Kelonye Magero Vincent
Potential of Lubricating Oil (MGALO) and organic Bio-fertilizer production from Marine Green Algae
Bonface Jiveri , Adhiambo Brendah Diana Kwanyi,Musyimi David and Sylvester Anami
Potential Environmental Impact of Chemical and Microbial Characteristics of Sewage for Energy Production in Secondary Schools of Kakamega County, Kenya
Ibrahim O. Barasa, Jacob W. Wakhungu And Donald N. Siamba
On Joint Numerical Range of Aluthge Transform
Cyprian Omukhwaya Sakwa
Key Value Chain Actors in the Dairy Sector in Bungoma County, Kenya
Nabiswa Patrick Koyi, Jacob W. Wakhungu and Donald N. Siamba
Improvement and Reduction in child mortality and morbidity through community midwifery
O. Otieno and Lucy. Chikamai
Gender Mainstreaming in Climate Change Adaptation: A case of Bungoma County of Western Kenya
Ekisa George, Chikamai Lucy., Juma Shem.
Future Temperature and Rainfall Projections Over Bungoma County in Western Kenya
Juma Shem G., Kwach Boniface., Omukoba Mulati., Festus Kelonye
Estimation of weight of infants at birth based on the mother’s pre-natal information
Dr. Richard Donkor
B212: Determination of Selected Heavy Metals in Two commercial Cigarettes brands and Tobacco Leaves Marketed in Emuhaya District, Western Kenya
Joseck olukusi Alwala
Antimicrobial activity of Persea Americana leave extract against staphilacocous mutans from Emuhaya, Western Kenya
Alwala, Joseck Olukusi