Alwala, Joseck Olukusi

Kibabii University 1st International Conference; June 22-24,2016


Hexane, ethyl acetate, and methanol extracts of of Persea Americana leave were tested against the dental caries causing bacteria Streptococcus mutans from caries infected patients. Bioactivity of the concentrations of 0%, 5%, 10%, 15%, and 20% of all the extracts showed an increasing (P ?0.05) activity. The concentrations of 20% in all solvents’ plant extracts showed the highest bioactivity. The bioactivity strength against Streptococcus mutans of the three solvents’ plant extracts showed no significant differences (P ? 0.05) among each other and had a comparable antibacterial activity to that of chlorhexidine.

Key words; Persea Americana, Antimicrobial activity, Streptococcus mutans, chlorhexidine

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