Effect of Family Learning Environment on the Management of Students’ Discipline in Public Secondary Schools in Kenya

Dr. Kadian Wanyonyi Wanyama

Lecturer, School of Business and Economics Kibabii University, Kenya

Isaac Mabale Indiatsi

Master Student, School of Business and Economics, Moi University, Kenya

Nabiswa Patrick Koyi

Ph.D. Student, CDMA, Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology, Kenya

Sarah Awinja Osundwa

Master Student, School of Education, Mount Kenya University, Kenya

Josephine N. Ojiambo

Ph.D. Student, Project Planning and Management, University of Nairobi, Kenya

@The International Journal Of Business & Management (ISSN 2321–8916)  Volume 6 Issue 3: March, 2018


The purpose of the study was to investigate how family learning environment affects the management of students’ discipline in public secondary schools in Kenya. The study employed descriptive survey research design. The study targeted 27 Public Secondary schools, 27 Deputy Head teachers, 282 school prefects, 261 PTA Executive members, one Sub-County Education Officer and one Sub-County Quality Assurance and Standards Officer. A sample size of 85 school prefects and 78 PTA/executive members was used. Simple random and purposive sampling techniques were used to select respondents. The researcher used content and face validity to test validity while the test re-test method was used to test reliability of the research instruments which yielded an alpha of 0.877. Results illustrated that family learning environment had fairly positive and significant effect on the management of student’s discipline in public secondary schools. Several strategies were suggested on handling students’ indiscipline in public secondary schools ranging from sticking to code of ethics and professionalism; developing administrative procedures and policies for dealing with behavioral concerns to assisting students in developing pro-social skills. It was recommended that parents should provide study rooms, quiet learning environment, be role models to their children and involve their children in decision making. The findings of this study may be useful to the Ministry of Education, academicians, researchers and other stakeholders in the Ministry of Education in their improvement of policies and practices on improving the parental involvement and management of student discipline.

Keywords: Public secondary schools, students’ discipline management. Family learning environment

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