Fibi Nelima Wanyama

Kibabii University 1st International Conference; June 22-24,2016


The study examined mission statements of university campuses operating in Trans-Nzoia County,
and how they influence institutional members work attitudes. Based on a survey of 20 members randomly chosen from selected departments of each institution, the study explored the state of staff awareness of their mission statements. The aim of the study was to establish the level of awareness and familiarity of the mission statement by employees in university campuses and how it influences their attitudes to work. The study is founded on the organizational learning theory which holds that an organization should create achievable long term goals and a future worth striving for. Similarly the strategic choice theory which is believed to determine organizational strategies as enshrined in the mission statement formed a further theoretical basis for the study. The main variables of the study were mission statement familiarity and frequency of communication to employees and how they influence employee work attitudes. The study used both descriptive and quantitative research designs. Data collection instrument was the questionnaire that was self- administered to the respondents. Data was analyzed descriptively as well as inferentially using the simple regression analysis. The findings indicate that although all employees sampled were aware of the existence of a mission statement, most cannot completely recall it from memory, but they attest to the positive influence it has on work attitudes. Therefore universities must make an effort of regularly communicating to employees the importance of the mission statement to enhance their attitude to work.

Key Words: Mission statement, work attitudes, mission communication, employee perception, mission awareness

The Influence of Organizations Mission Statement on
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