Kibabii University 1st International Conference; June 22-24,2016

Maiyo. J.K, Akharunda S.B &Ndiku. J.K


Teachers have a crucial role in improving learning outcomes. Since quality differs by teacher, their potential impact on student outcomes may also differ. This study explored the relationship between teacher qualifications and school academic achievement in Khwisero Sub-County, Kenya. The study was carried out in Khwisero Sub County which had 61 public primary schools. The study utilized an Ex post facto research design since it allowed the researcher to investigate many relationships in a single research project. The target population comprised of all the 670 primary school teachers and head teachers in the 61 public primary schools in Khwisero Sub County. This was a census because the sub county had only 61 primary schools. Five teachers who handled the 2013 class eight candidates in each school were included in the study since there are five examinable subject areas in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) examination were not directly included. Data was collected through questionnaires which were filled by the Head teachers and also document analysis was carried out on analysed KCPE 2013 results. The instruments validation exercise was done by the supervisors. Reliability of research instruments involved the use of a test-retest technique at r =0.7. Data were analysed both descriptively (means, percentages) and inferentially The findings of the study showed that the P1 teacher, S1/Diploma teacher, Approved Teacher Status and the number of class eight streams were had an effect on the school KCPE means scores. It was recommended that the Teachers Service Commission should check on the rush for degrees by primary school teachers with the hope of better pay as this had a negative impact on the schools KCPE mean score in the Sub-County.

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