The Strategic Role of Marketing Information Systems on Agricultural Production:  A Case of Selected Agricultural Saccos in Nairobi Kenya

Doris A. Alago & Johnester A. Mwangulu

Kiriri Women’s University of Science and Technology

 Citation: KIBU Conference (2017). Innovative Research and Knowledge for Global Competitiveness and Sustainable Development. Proceedings of 2nd Interdisciplinary International Scientific Conference 14 – 15 June 2017. Kibabii University Main campus, Bungoma Kenya ISBN: 978-9966-59-011-4


Marketing information systems has revolutionized the old older of production and delivery of products and services to consumers. Traceability in agricultural food products has become an emerging issue in agribusiness where more consumers require knowledge of origin and components of food products in terms of quality, health hazards and nutrition.  Developing countries among them Kenya have been a victim of contamination of fresh produce and animal products which has been catastrophic leading to casualty and deaths of unsuspecting consumers. Government on the other hand has taken active role of continuous monitoring with the most notable recent action of closure of slaughter houses suspected of trading intoxicated meat products. The specific objectives of the study sought to examine the strategic role of (a) value chain systems (b) supply chain systems and (c)quality assurance systems on the production sustainability of agricultural SACCOs in Nairobi county, Kenya. The study adopted descriptive research design and used both primary and secondary sources of data. Primary data collection instrument was structured questionnaire which was researcher-administered to respondents. Secondary data included past records of performance by selected SACCOs in Nairobi County. The choice of Nairobi County was based on the fact that Nairobi County has a representative sample of all the strata in line with agribusiness SACCOs. The study found out that there exists positive relationship between market information systems and agricultural production by agricultural SACCOs in Nairobi County, Kenya and concluded that there is need for development of market information systems, especially infrastructure and capacity building of system users to efficiently support traceability in agribusiness sector considering that with traceability systems more consumers will be knowledgeable of such health hazards as they seek to satisfy their needs and wants.

Key Words: Strategic Role, Marketing Information System, Agricultural Production, SACCOs and Kenya

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