Re-Designing National Planning Methods For Africa’s Development

Hudson Lucky Masheti
Brilliant Institute of Research and Development Studies
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Citation: KIBU Conference (2017). Innovative Research and Knowledge for Global Competitiveness and Sustainable Development. Proceedings of 2nd Interdisciplinary International Scientific Conference 14 – 15 June 2017. Kibabii University Main campus, Bungoma Kenya ISBN: 978-9966-59-011-4


Kenya wage a daily struggle against abject poverty as the gap between rich and poor widens whose source is pessimistic planning that fails to address and actualize developmental parameters. Devolve system is Kenyan led renaissance project of industrialization to re-benchmark the country plundered for decades to take its rightful place in the world economy which requires an action plan to realize change fostering; influence, nationalism, fraternity and reconstruction.This will redefine country’s priorities, opportunities, rethink way to plan, manage, and improve county/national planning which vests on reconstruction and industrialization. As Kenya reaps from its Lion Economy, the innovative ideal Action Plan is “Economic Planning Optimistic Model” (EPOM). The objectiveis to enhance innovative planning mechanisms to integrate the country for global competitiveness, trade, investment and sustainable development. To provide solutions to identified problems/challenges in the statistical data outlined policy documents.The methodology to base on; research approach, research design (design used/study location/target population); sampling techniques (sample size/process and sampling procedure); research instruments / data collection (instruments/tools used); data analysis; report writing/compiling, recommendations on findings; and submit for adoption. Key resultsinclude scaling-up investments, rural development, industrialization, poverty reduction and re-benchmark the nation capturing “Kenya Vision 2030”. This model be adopted as industrialization platform; impetus to reduce number of citizens dependent on social welfare and graduate Kenya from HIPC to Newly Industrializing Nations.EPOM’ is the only devolution action plan and Kenya’s best proactive approach to jump-start industrialization, integrate local market economies to global market economies, settle debt predicament and shape its future.

Key Words: Influence; Nationalism; Fraternity; & Reconstruction

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