School of Business (SOBE)




1.Issues in Economics todayGuell C. Robert
2.The Macro Economy TodaySchiler R. Bradley
3.Auditing After. Illustrative CasesThibodeau C Jay
4.Public and Private Families. A readerCherlin J Andrew
5.Labour EconomicsTurner H.Lynn
6.Financial statement Analysis and Security ValuationPenman H.Stephen
7.The legal & Regulatory Environment of BusinessShedd Reed
8.Law Office management for paralegalsLisa Schaffer
9.Introduction to Business. Student Guide to accompanyBarret Barbar
10.Leaders  the leadership process.Readings,Self-Assessment &


Pierre L. Joh
11.Strategy.2008-2009Einener B Alan
12.Human Resources.Annual Editions.08/09Maidment H.Fred
13.Student study and lecture guide for use with Operations &

supply management

Jacobs F.Robert
14.MicroeconomicsColonder C. David
15.Introduction to Accounting.An Intergrated ApproachDeines Dan
16.Purchasing and supply managementBenton W.C
17.Financial statement Analysis and security ValuationPerman H.Stephen
18.Operations Strategy.Competing in the 21st CentuaryBeckman Sara
19.Management.Annual editionsMaidment Fred H.
20.Study Guide Volume 1, Chapters 1-12 for use with Financial

managerial Accounting.

Olds R. Philip
21.Operating Systems. A Concept-Based ApproachDhamdhre M Dhanajay
22.Labour EconomicsGeorge Borjas
23.Qualitative methods in Social researchEsterberg G. Kristin
24.Working papers. Volume 2,Chapters 12-25 for use with

Principles of Accounting

Folk M Jeannie
25.Principles of microeconomicsMiller D.James
26.Study guide for use with principles of microeconomicsMiller D. james
27.Study guide for use with the Microeconomy today.Schilley Bradley R.
28.The Micro Economy todaySchiller R. Bradley
29.Operations and supply management. The coreRoberts Jacobs
30.Statistical Techniques in Business & EconomicsLind Marchal
31.Modern Advanced AccountingLarsen E. John
32.Essentials of Behavioral research. Methods and Data AnalysisRosenthal Roberts
33.International EconomicsAppleyard R. Dennis
34.Perspectives in Business EthicsLaura P. Hartman
35.Dynamic Business LawWilliamson D. Barkacs
36.Economics of Social IssuesSharp M. Ansel
37.Strategic Logistics managementLambert M. Douglas
38.MicroeconomicsBernheim B. douglas


39.International Financial managementEun S. Cheol
40.MacroeconomicsDornbusch Rudiger
41.Study guide for use with Financial AccountingEdmonds P. Thomas
42.International MarketingGraham Cateora
43.Fundamentals of Financial AccountingLibby Phillips
Principles of Accounting Volume 1,Chapters 1-12Nagarajan L.K


Management Of Human Resources In KenyaE.M. Waweru
44.Law Made EasyAshiq Hussain
45.A Textbook Of Business FinanceAshiq Hussain
46.Entrepreneurship 9th EdRobert D. Hisrich
47.Financial ManagementRobert Mudida
48.Financial Accounting SimplifiedN.A.Saleemi
49.Business Communication  And Report Writing SimplifiedN.A.Saleemi
50.Elements Of Law SimplifiedN.A Saleemi
51.Entrepreneurship Theory And Practice : A KenyanHenry M.Bwisa
52.AuditingDavid Mwindi
53.Success In Commerce  4th Ed.Derek Lobley
54.International Trade And Labor MarketsCarl Davidson
55.The Economics Of Sustainable DevelopmentSisay Asefa
56.Cost Accounting Made EasyAshiq Hussain
57.Quantitative Techniques 6th Ed.Terry Lucey
58.Fundamentals Of Applied StatisticsGeorge K. Kingo`Riah
59.Working With Rural Communities  Participatory Action

Research In Kenya  2nd Ed

Orieko P. Chitere
60.Quantitative Techniques For Decision Making 4th EditionM.P.Gupta
61.Horngrens Financial &Managerial Accounting, The Financial

Chapters 5th Ed

Tracie Miller-Nobles
62.Communication SkillsLeena Sen
63.Ethics In Security Management And Criminal JusticeGithui Donatus Mathenge
64.Human Resources And Industrial RelationsB.M.Sababu
65.Project ManagementS Choudhury
66.EntrepreneurshipDavid Stokes
67.Inventor 2 Secondary Business StudiesKLB
68.Marketing Management 15edPhilip Kotler
69.Strategic  ManagementBoniface M. Sababu
70.Advanced Financial Accounting Simplified  ( Volume Ii)N.A Saleemi
71.Inventor 3 Secondary Business StudiesKLB
72.Inventor 1 Secondary Business StudiesKLB
73.Inventor 1 Secondary Business StudiesKLB
74.Inventor 2 Secondary Business StudiesKLB
75.Public RelationsRon Smith
76.Business LawJohn Joseph Ogola
77.Foundations Od Accounting SimplifiedN.A. Saleemi
78.The Leadership ChallengeJames M.Kouzes
79.First Aid Manual 10th Ed.Margaret Austin
80.Just LeadSherry Surratt



81.Microeconomics. Annual EditionsCole Don
82.Business Ethics 07/08.Annual EditionsRichardson John E.
83.Study Guide. Volume 2,Chapter 13-24 for use with Financial

managerial Accounting

Edmonds P. Thomas
84.Auditing & Assuarance services. A systematic ApproachPrawitt Messier Glove
85.Student resource manual for use with personal financeLibby A. Patricia
86.Operations managementRussell & Taylor
87.International Trade and Labor markets. Theory, Evidence

and policy Implications

Davodson Carl
88.The legal & regulatory Environment of BusinessReed Shedd
89.International Financial Reporting standards a practical guideHennie Van Greining
90.Public Pension fund managementAlberto R. Musalem
91.Income Support For The Unemployed. Issues And OptionsVodopivec Milan
92.Business statistics. Problems and solutionsSharma J.K
93.Industrial relations and labour lawsS.C. Srivastava




1.Web design technology. Theory and technique on the cutting edgeChand S.
2.Advanced computer architecture(A practical approach)Rajic Chopra
3.Business to business marketingSugandhi
4.Computer organization and ArchitectureBasu
5.Operating systems. A practical approach. Concepts, principles, systems


Stallings William
6.Computer programming. Theory and practiceJeyapoovan
7.Computer fundamentals and ApplicationsArora  Ashok
8.A textbook of Electrical technologyTheraja B.L
9.A textbook Electrical technologyTheraja B.L
10.A textbook of digital ElectronicsSedha R.S.
11.Data communication and networkingAgrawal Rajneesh
12.Introduction to computersLeon Alexis
13.A textbook of Applied ElectronicsSedha
14.Computer GraphicsNain Neeta
15.Fundamentals of microwave and radar EngineeringSharma
16.Computer Applications in BusinessParameswaran
17.Fundamentals of network analysis and synthesisPeikari Behrouz
18.Data communication and computer networksGupta Prakash
19.Theory of ComputationAgrawal Sachin
20.A textbook on Engineering mathematics volume IIDass
21.Applied mechanicsKhurmi
22.Data structures and Algorithms using CNag Amitava
23.Concise handbook of civil EngineeringVizirani
24.Computer networks. Fundamentals & ApplicationsRajesh
25.Network analysis and synthesispandery
26.Reforming infrastructure.Privatization,Regulation and competitionLoannis N. Kessides
27.Design to thrive. Creating social networks and online communities that


Howard Therson
28.Infrastructure for poor people. Public policy for private provisionBrook J.Penelope
29.Social protection sector strategy. From safety net to springboard
30.Print literacy development. Uniting cognitive and social practice theoriesVictoria Purcell
31.College Keyboarding & document ProcessingHanson Rice
32.Database, System ConceptsSilberschatz


33.Web Engineering.A practioners approachPressman Rogers
34.Microsoft office 2003 volume 1O’Leary Timothy
35.Object oriented design using JavaSkrien Dale
36.Foundations of Computer Studies 1Crother Pepela
37.Computer studies book 1John Onunga
38.Computer StudiesJohn Lang`at




1.Livestock Development. Implications for rural poverty, the

environment and global food security

World Bank
2.Strengthening National Agricultural research sytems.Policy issues

and Good practice

Desek Byerlee
3.A textbook of BiostatisticsAnnadurai
4.Principles of Medicine in AfricaParry Elryd
5.A textbook of child health nursingParanjothi
6.Education and health in sub-Saharan Africa. A review of sector-

wide Approaches.

World Bank
7.Plant systematicsSimpson


8.On the surface of things. Images of the extraordinary in scienceFrankel Felice
9.Intensified systems of farming in the tropics and subtropicsWallis Nicholas
10.Strengthening country commitment to human development.

Lessons from Nutrition.

Heaver Richard
11.How  Infants know mindsReddy Vasuderi
12.Technologies for rain fed Agriculture in Mediterranean climates. A

review of world bank experiences

Dram peter
13.The evolving self. Problems and process in human developmentVaillant George
14.Bana improvement. Research challenges and opportunitiesPeeisley Gabriel
15.Bana, breeding and biotechnology. Commodity advances through

banana improvement research,1994-1998

Peeisley Gabriel
16.Reengaging in water management. Challenges and optionsWorld bank
17.Reversing the tide. Priorities for HIV/Aids prevention in central


Joan Godinho
18.The European horticulture market. Opportunities for sub-Saharan

African exporters

Labaste Patrick
19.Human SexualityLevay Simon
20.Improving women’s health in Pakistan. Human development


Tinker Anne
21.Making a large irrigation scheme work. A case study from MaliDjibril A. W.
22.Fertilizer use in African Agriculture. Lessons learned and good

practice guidelines

Michael Morris
23.Plant physiologyTaiz Lincolin
24.Nutrition 08/09.Annual EditionsZacas Dorothy


25.Taking Sides. Clashing views in Health and SocietyDaniel L. Eileen
26.Factory physicsHopp J. Wallace
27.Understanding your healthPayne A. Wayne


28.Human SexualityStrong Bryan
29.Health,08/09.Annual editionsDaniel L. Eileen
30.Taking Sides.Clashing Views on Bioethical IssuesLevine Carol
31.Students solutions manual to accompany. Introductory AlgebraHyde O’Neill


32.Community health NursingB.T.Basavanthap


33.Discrete mathematicsIyengar S.N
34.Operations researchS.Kalavathy
35.Human Biology. Laboratory ManualMader S. Sylvia
36.Nutritional AssessmentNieman C.


37.An introduction to operational research.Third revised and enlarged


Kothari C.R




1.Research methodology. Methods and TechniquesKothari C.R
2.A textbook of Administration ward management and EducationVenkatesan Latha
3.Living brandsNadeau Raymond
4.An African Exploration of the east Asian Education ExperienceBirger Fredriksen
5.Einstein & oppenheimer.The meaning of geniusSchweber Silvan
6.Duel at dawnAlexander Amir
7.Where Kenyans went wrong and why world governments keep

creating inflation bubbles and busts

Lewis Hunter
8.Literature texas.Language and literacyBasu
9.In a different voiceGilligan Carol
10.Promoting social Cohesion through education.Case studies and

tools for using textbooks and curricula

Eluned Robert


11.Sociology.The new synthesisWilson Edward
12.The smaller majorityNaskrecki Piotr
13.Assessing student learning in AfricaKellaghan Thomas
14.My dearest friend. Letters of Abigael and John AdamsHogan Margaret
15.Escaping stigma and neglect. People with disabilities in sierra


Ovadiya Mirey
16.Food in the 21st Century from Science to sustainable AgricultureNavin Girishankar
17.The psychology of criminal conductAndrews
18.The evolution of childhood. Relationships emotion ,mindKonner Melvin
19.Naming InfinityGraham Loren
20.When is discrimination wrongDeborah Hellman
21.The spirit of the lawBarringer Sarah
22.The spirit of the law. Religious and the constitution in modern


Berringer Sarah
23.Power, rights and poverty. Concepts and connectionsAlsop ruth
24.The tinkere’s accomplice. How design emerges from life itselfTunner scott
25.Gender equity in junior and senior secondary education in sub-

Saharan Africa

World bank
26.Happiness death and the remainder of lifeLear Jonathan
27.Expanding opportunities and building competencies for young

people.A new agenda for secondary education

World bank
28.EvolutionFuturma Doughes
29.Philosophical explanationsNozick Robert
30.Indivisible by two.Lives of extraordinary twinsSegal nancy
31.Special Education in Contemporary society.An introductionGargiulo Richard
32.Msingi Wa Kiswahili Darasa La TatuAboud B. Mchangamwe
33.Library Management And PlanningSunil Kumar
34.Library ClassificationPurushotham Tiwari
35.Fundamentals Of Social ResearchMutei Research
36.Proposal And Thesis Writing An IntroductionDonald Kisilu Kombo
37.How To Do Your  Research Project ; A Guide For Students  InGary Thomas


Education And Applied Social Sciences
38.Intergrative Counselling Skills In Action  3rd EdSue Culley
39.Basic Counselling SkillsEmmy M. Gichinga
40.Primary Mathematics 4JKF
41.Management Of Library Information ServicesS. Balakrishnan
42.Doing Counseling ResearchJohn Mcleod
43.Educational Organization And ManagementBarasa J.M Nyongesa
44.Secondary Christian Religious Education  Students Book TwoKLB
45.Kidagaa KimemwozeaKen Walibora
46.Successful Project ManagementTrevor L Young
47.Practice In Physics  4th Ed.Tim Akrill
48.Daressalam By NightBen R. Mtobwa
49.Kamusi Ya KiswahiliTUKI
50.Child DevelopmentJacqueline Harding
51.Communication SkillsLeena Sen
52.Principles And Techniques In Language TeachingAgnes W. Gathumbi
53.Freedom And AfterTom Mboya
54.Guinness World Records 2017
55.Kenya  1945-1963  A Study In African National MovementsSorobea N. Bogonko
56.Child Rights And ProtectionRoseline Otom
57.Mathematics For Kenya Schools Form 1N.M.Patel
58.Alpha Diploma Ecde, Curriculum DevelopmentKlb
59.A Season Of WaitingDavid Omowale
60.A Journey WithinFlorence Mbaya
61.Special Needs EducationRoseline Otom
62.Mathematics For Kenya SchoolsN.M.Patel
63.Principles Of Teaching And Communication; A Handbook For

Teachers And Other Institutions

Anne Achieng`
64.Kamusi Kuu Ya KiswahiliLonghorn
65.Essentials Of Educational StatisticsFrank Ingule
66.Nabongo MumiaJohn Osogo
67.Teaching And Learning Gramar  Made EasyAgnes Gathumbi
68.Distiction Mathematics For Primary Education Year 1KLB
69.Nairobi A-Z; A Complete GuideR.W. Moss
70.Secondary Biology Form FourKLB
71.Secondary Biology 4th Ed. Form ThreeKLB
72.Secondary Biology  4th Ed. Form TwoKLB
73.Secondary  Physics  Students Book Three 4th EdKLB
74.Secondary Physics Students Book Two 5th EdKLB
75.Damu Nyeusi Na Hadithi NyingineKen Walibora
76.Things Fall ApartChinua Achebe
77.Arrow Of GodChinua Achebe
78.Business Mathematics And Statistics  7th Ed.Abdre Francis
79.Alpha Diploma Ecde General PsychologyKLB


80.History And Government  Form 2Priscilla Kivuitu
81.Secondary Mathematics Students Book Three 4th Ed.KLB
82.Ufundishaji Wa Fasihi Nadharia Na MbinuKimani Njogu
83.Simplified SwahiliPeter M. Wilson
84.Weep Not, ChildNgugi Wa Thiongo`
85.A Grain Of WheatNgugi Wa Thiong`O
86.Devil On The CrossNgugi Wa Thiong`O
87.Fani Ya Isimujamii Kwa Shule Za SekondariIpara Isaac Odeo
88.Alpha Diploma Ecde ; EducationKLB
89.Primary Teacher Education Science Year 1&2Jane W. Kagunda
90.Successful University StudyHyder M.Matano
91.Cultural Anthroplology.Understanding OurselvesCrapo H. Richley
92.Taking Sides.Clashing Views in Social PsychologyNier Jason
93.Taking Sides.Clashing views on Moral IssuesSatris Stephen
94.Ethical Insights.A brief introductionBirsch Douglas
95.The Aims of ArgumentCrusius Timothy
96.Perspectives on family communicationTurner H.Lynn
97.Physical Anthropology,08/09.Annual EditionsElvio Angeloni
98.Taking sides clashing views on moral issues

Power & Choice.An introduction to political Science

Satris Stephen

Shivent W. Philips

99.The practical skeptic.Core concepts in SociologyMcintyre Lisa
100.The practical Skeptic.Readings in Sociology.Mcintyre Lisa
101.Traditions & Encounters.A global perspective on the pastZiegler F. herbert
102.Tonal harmony with an introduction to 20th C musicKostka Stefan
103.Traditions  & Encounters.A global perspective on the

past.Volume A

Bertley H. Jery
104.Urban Society 13th Ed.Annual EditionsSiegel Fred
105.Cultural Anthroplology.Understanding OurselvesCrapo H. Richley
106.Taking Sides.Clashing Views in Social PsychologyNier Jason
107.Taking Sides.Clashing views on Moral IssuesSatris Stephen
108.Ethical Insights.A brief introductionBirsch Douglas
109.The Aims of ArgumentCrusius Timothy
110.Perspectives on family communicationTurner H.Lynn
111.Physical Anthropology,08/09.Annual EditionsElvio Angeloni
112.Taking sides clashing views on moral issues

Power & Choice.An introduction to political Science

Satris Stephen

Shivent W. Philips

113.The practical skeptic.Core concepts in SociologyMcintyre Lisa
114.The practical Skeptic.Readings in Sociology.Mcintyre Lisa
115.Traditions & Encounters.A global perspective on the pastZiegler F. herbert
116.Tonal harmony with an introduction to 20th C musicKostka Stefan
117.Traditions  & Encounters.A global perspective on the

past.Volume A

Bertley H. Jery
118.Urban Society 13th Ed.Annual EditionsSiegel Fred
119.The Aims of ArgumentCrusius timothy
120.Ethical Insights.A brief introductionBirsch Douglas
121.Taking sides.Clashing views on Global IssuesHarf  E. James


122.Taking Sides.Clashing on Contraversial issues in Religion.Judd K. Daniel
123.Taking sides.Clashing views in race and ethnicityAngel D. Raymond
124.Socrates to Sartre and beyond. A history of PhilosophyStumpf Samuel Enoch
125.Fundamentals of human communicationDefleur H. Margaret
126.Philosophy and choice.Selected from around the world.Christenen R. Kit
127.A guided tour of selections from Aristotle’s Nicomacheam


Biffle Christopher
128.Taking sides. Clashing views on controversial issues in 20th

C.American History

Modera Larry
129.Taking sides.Clashing views in Drugs and societyGoldberg Raymond
130.Taking sides.Clashing views on Psychological IssuesSlife Brent
131.Taking sides.Clashing views in Family and personal relationshipsSchroeder Elizabeth
132.Taking sides.Clashing views in World History volume 1.The

Ancient world to the pre-modern era.

Mitchell R. joseph
133.Taking sides.Clashing views in AdolescenceDrysdale T.B. Moureen
134.Window on Humanity. A concise Introduction to AnthropologyPhilip conrad
135.Student study Guide for use with traditions & EncountersBentley H. Jerry
136.Student’s Solutions manual to accompany. Intermediate Algebra.Weerts Jon
137.Understanding The bibleHarris L. Steven
138.Personal growth and behavior 07/08.Annual EditionsDuffy G. Karen
139.Evolution of the earthProthero R. Donald
140.Students study Guide for use with Psychology. An introductionBenjamin B Lahey
141.Study guide to accompany. Social psychologyMyers G. David
142.Western Civilization. Volume 1-The earliest civilization through

the reformation

Robert L.L
143.Anthropology 07/08.Annual EditionsAngelon elvia
144.Child Growth and development 09/10.Annual EditionsJunn N. Ellen
145.Traditions & Encounters.A brief Global History.Volume

1.From the beginning to 1500

Bentley H. Jerry
146.The Discovery of SocietyCollins Randall
147.Now and then.Current issues in Historical ContextStanford Judith
148.Study guide for use with Human SexualityStrong Bryan
149.Anthropology. SourcesAngeloni Elvio
150.Dying, Death and Bereavement 08/09.Annual editionsPhD George


151.Study guide map Excercises,Volume a company. American


Brinkley Alan
152.Homeland security 04/05 Annual editionsBadey Thomas
153.An Introduction to cataloguing practiceK.Kumar
154.English-Swahili Dictionary 3rd editionTuki
155.Digital Libraries. Dynamic storehouse of Digitized InformationMalward N.M
156.Professional JournalismM.V.Kamath
157.Theory ClassificationKrishan Kumar
158.Advance Educational psychologyChauhan S.S
159.Principles, methods & techniques of teachingAggarwal J.C
160.Isimujamii. Nadharia na muktadha wa kiswahiliMekacha Rugatiri


161.Kitangulizi cha tafsiri.Nadharia na MbinuMwansoko H.J.M
162.Uandishi na uchapishaji.Makala za semina ya kimataifa ya

waandishi wa Kiswahili II

163.Misemo na methali katika UshairiAsha S.K.
164.Maendeleo katika nadharia ya fonolojiaDavid P.B.massamba
165.Islam and the Muslim worldHusain Zohair Mir