The Enemy within Interceptions of Fruits and Vegetables from Kenya for Export Market

Wesonga K. Florence& Opile R.Wilson

University of Eldoret, School of Agriculture and Biotechnology, Department of Seed, Crop and Horticultural Sciences

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 Citation: KIBU Conference (2017). Innovative Research and Knowledge for Global Competitiveness and Sustainable Development. Proceedings of 2nd Interdisciplinary International Scientific Conference 14 – 15 June 2017. Kibabii University Main campus, Bungoma Kenya  ISBN: 978-9966-59-011-4


The Horticulture sector in Kenya is among the leading foreign exchange earners and contributes enormously to food security and household incomes but products destined for export market especially the EU have to undergo stringent/extensive checks and analysis to ensure it complies with several set standards of both   the exporting and importing country. This has led to several produce being intercepted to guard against introduction and spread of organisms harmful to plants and plant products from other member states or third countries. This situation has significantly affected local production and depressed prices of certain commodities thus negatively affecting the livelihood of many Kenyans who depend on this industry. This review paper has the following objectives, to understand a) the various causes of interceptions of horticulture produce destined for export, b) the reasons for these interceptions and c) the mitigation measures undertaken to minimize these interceptions. Export produce is intercepted mainly due to presence of live pests and documentation errors. HCD has put down some guidelines which the exporters must meet for the produce comply. A system is also available that ensures traceability to the place of origin and legal amendments to Kenya gazette for the restriction to using banned chemicals. Products which do not meet the set standards are destroyed to guard both the consumer and producer. Other punitive measures include a suspension of authorization to export, the destruction of infested plants and the application of plant protection products or an appropriate biological control agent.

Key Words: Interceptions, Harmful Organisms

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