Education and Knowledge Management in a Technological Based Economy

EnockM. Imani

Department of English and Literature Kibabii, Bungoma Kenya


Technological advancement and knowledge has really raised a lot of eye brows in the various East African countries and therefore, it is gaining a lot of interest in an era in which people are moving towards knowledge for capitalism. Knowledge management (KM) in relation to information management will play a key role in the success of the transformation of individual knowledge into societal knowledge. The rapid increase of economic importance of knowledge which redefines the links among education, work and technological know-how makes the role of educational and knowledge management crucial. The main purpose this paper is to propose new ways of using knowledge management for the development of modern education. The paper discusses the basic issues related to knowledge management by reviewing the key contributions of technological education to the economy. It discusses the applicability of knowledge management concepts to education and technology presenting the real and successful examples and proposing the innovative ways in order to apply the knowledge management techniques in the field. The need to explore how companies and institutions can affectively adopt such knowledge management approaches for economic development. The distinguishing features of the study is that it shows  the key concepts which can be used for education and knowledge management in a techno -savvy economy., something that in turn can help institutions lavage the skills and expertise of members and consequently to maintain and enhance their knowledge capital as they forge to attain their millennium development goals.


Key Words: Data-.Information-.Tacit Knowledge Explicit Knowledge

Technology Innovation. Article

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