Kibabii University 1st International Conference; June 22-24,2016

Janet Nabiswa , Dr. Bernard L. Misigo & Dr. Ferdinand N. Makhanu


Deviant behaviour in secondary schools continues to be a matter of global concern; more so in
developing countries like Kenya. Knowledge of the kinds of deviance being indulged in and the role it plays in particular individuals, groups, schools, communities or sub-cultures is vital for any prevention programme yet this has been missing. Whereas several studies have been done in Bungoma County targeting student indiscipline and specific deviancy like theft, bullying and devil worship, limited studies exist that have purposed to undertake a holistic assessment to enable a fair picture of deviancy prevalence in the schools within the County. The purpose of this study is to address this gap by examining types of deviance and their prevalence in selected secondary schools of Kimilili Sub County, Kenya. Using a sample survey design, data was collected through questionnaires and interview schedules. Data was analyzed descriptively.The study established that all the twelve sampled types of deviant behaviour exist in schools of Kimilili Sub County but in varying intensity or scale of severity. The most prevalent was theft at 21% while the least prevalent was bullying at 3%. The findings give an empirical backing for education sector stakeholders to reengineer their strategies on addressing deviance among students and mitigate the worrying trend of deviant behaviour in schools. The study recommends that while students’ rights to self expression besides other rights as envisioned in the United Nations (UN) Convention should be respected, there is need among schools to take cognizance of dynamism of deviance and diversity of norms being driven by modernity and complex societies of the 21st century. This will enable schools to tame intolerable deviance among students.

Key words: deviance, secondary schools, prevalence, Bungoma County.

publicationAnalysis of Student Deviant Behaviour Most Prevalent in Schools of Bungoma County