Analysis of the Aspect of Drama in Swahili Play Kitumbua Kimeingia Mchanga

Jackson Ndung’uMwangi

Laikipia University, Kenya


Play as one of the genre of literature and is very important because it portrays various aspects that takes place in our country ranging from social, political and economic issues. One of the major features of any play is its ability to be performed in the stage. The main objective of this research is to investigate whether the play KitumbuaKimeingiaMchanga has successfully incorporated aspect of drama so that it can be performed in stage or not.Tenets of The Theory of Aspects of Drama will be used to analyse various aspect of drama in relation to the objective of this research. Some of the aspect of performance in drama includes, props, costumes, stage lighting and stage directions. This research is qualitative in nature since it entailed reading and analysing text concerning the subject matter.  It was based in library and the sample used was arrived through purposive sampling method. It entailed analysing a Swahili play, KitumbuaKimeingiaMchanga which was written by S.A. Mohamed. It was realized that the writer of KitumbuaKimeingiaMchanga successfully incorporated aspect of dramatic performance such as stage lighting, props, costumes and stage directions hence it can comfortably be performed and acted on the stage. It is believed that this research will be of great importance to scholars and researchers dealing with the performance in drama and plays.


Key Words: Drama, Play, Aspect of Performance in Drama, Dramatic Plays

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