Kibabii University 1st International Conference; June 22-24,2016

Maiyo J, Ngina J.& Wetiba J.


The core function of the directorate of Quality Assurance and Standards is ensuring Quality education. Despite the government’s effort in strengthening the department, it is still wanting. The main objective of the study was to carry out an assessment of quality assurance on academic performance in public primary schools in Lugari Sub-county. The study was based on the Structural Functionalist Theory. The research adopted a descriptive research design whereby mixed research methodology was utilized in collecting both qualitative and quantitative data. The study targeted 5 education officials, 45 head teachers, 45 deputy head teachers and 350 teachers all making a target population of 445 people. Stratified sampling technique was used to sample 14 head teachers,14 deputy head teachers , 105 teachers and purposive sampling technique was used to select education officials all making a sample size of 135 people. Interview schedules were used to collect data from education officials. Questionnaires were used to collect data. Data collected was analyzed using both inferential and descriptive statistics. The study found that QASOs were not visiting schools physically and regularly. It was also found that the QASOs did not have enough time with the teachers to discuss the strengths and weaknesses observed during their visits to schools. The study found that QASOs did not organize seminars and workshops for teachers on curriculum implementation and at the same time they concentrated on administrative issues whenever they visited schools. The study recommended that QASOs should organize regular seminars and workshops to update teachers on the current teaching methods. There was need to improve the pupils’ learning environment by providing enough sanitation facilities, relevant textbooks, enough and secure classrooms.

Keywords: Quality Assurance, Assessment, academic performance
Maiyo J, Ngina J.& Wetiba J.

publicationAn Assessment Of Quality Assurance On Academic Performance In Public Primary